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Big Sky Square Tower Silver Frame with Backlit

3'L x 8'H x 3'D
3' x 8' (4 Parts)
Ladder Lights
5 Business Days
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Our 3 x 8 ft. 32D Big Sky Square Tower Backlit Display is an eye-catching and impactful solution for making a statement at trade shows, exhibitions, events, or in any high-visibility environment. This towering backlit display offers a compelling way to showcase your brand, products, or messages with stunning visual impact.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive Dimensions: Standing at 3 feet by 8 feet, this towering display ensures that your content is seen from a distance, making it perfect for crowded event spaces and exhibitions.
  2. 32D Backlit Technology: The 32D technology creates a multidimensional visual experience that makes your graphics and visuals pop. It provides depth, vibrant colors, and stunning detail, ensuring your display stands out in any setting.
  3. Backlit Illumination: The backlit feature ensures that your graphics are illuminated from behind, making them visible in low-light conditions and creating a striking and attention-grabbing effect.
  4. Square Tower Design: The square tower design offers a contemporary and stylish look, providing ample space for your branding, messages, or high-resolution graphics on all sides.
  5. Customizable Graphics: Tailor this display to your specific needs by adding your custom graphics, logos, branding, and messages, ensuring your content aligns perfectly with your marketing objectives.
  6. Sturdy Construction: Crafted from durable and high-quality materials, this display is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use at events and exhibitions.
  7. Quick Assembly: Despite its size, this display is designed for easy setup and takedown, making it convenient for on-the-go marketing and showcasing.
  8. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re promoting a product launch, brand awareness, or marketing campaigns, this display is versatile and can be used in various settings.
  9. Transportation-Friendly: While impressive in size, this display is also designed to be transported conveniently, with lightweight materials and a compact breakdown for transportation and storage.
  10. High Visibility: The combination of the large size, 32D technology, and backlit illumination ensures that your content remains highly visible and leaves a memorable impact on your audience.

Make a significant impression and stand out at your next event with our 3 x 8 ft. 32D Big Sky Square Tower Backlit Display. Its innovative design, quality construction, and stunning visuals will help you capture the attention of your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

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