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Best Printing Services in Burbank

When looking for the best printing service in Burbank, look no further than NIZE Printing. It’s the place where creativity meets technology and the outcome is awe-inspiring. NIZE has been in the industry for a decade now and has earned a prominent spot in the market with thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

The years of experience and state-of-the-art technology make NIZE a one-stop solution for all your printing needs. Whether you are looking for banners, business cards, floor wraps, decals, cutouts, menus, career plaques, or foam board printing, we’ve got you covered. You can choose from the existing design and templates, or you can order a custom design. We make sure you see your thoughts realized on a poster.

Type of Printing Services We Offer:

We offer all kinds of printing services at a competitive price. The quality is unmatched and the price is reasonable. This is what makes us stand out from the pool of printing service providers in Burbank. We use advanced technology, high-quality materials, and modern methods of printing and utilize expert technical skills to exceed our customers’ expectations. All of these perks without burdening you with extra charges – yes, this is happening in Burbank, California! If you are still in disbelief, get your first print at NIZE Printing and see the living proof.

Following are the services that Nize printing offers:

Business Cards

Business card prinitng in burbank
  • Visiting card
  • Die Cut Business Cards
  • Foil Business Cards
  • Folded Business Cards
  • Circle Business Cards
  • Die Cut Business Cards
  • Metallic Business Cards

Brochures and Flyers


  • Raised Foil Postcard
  • Velvet Postcards
  • Silk Postcards
  • Folded Postcards
  • Standard Postcards
Postcard Printing in burbank

Cards & Events

  • Greeting Cards
  • Event Stickers
  • Silk Flat Invitations
  • Foil Invitations

Event Planning

  • Dance Floor Wraps
  • Foam Board Backdrops
  • Cake Toppers
  • Name Cutouts
  • Dance Floor Decals
  • Gender Reveal Boxes
  • Baby Teething Career Plaques

Why Us?

NIZE Printing has a customer base in and outside of Burbank. We have a long list of customers who shop online from our website and also get custom designs. Why did they choose NIZE Printing among all of the printing services in California? The answer is “The best quality at the best price”. No matter in which city you live, you can visit our website, choose your favourite design from the catalogue, place your order and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep promptly. You can also opt for a custom design. Our team of creative minds and technical experts will be there to assist you in bringing your masterpiece to life

At NIZE, we have a team of qualified professionals who are at the top of their heap and master of their craft. From designers to editors and technicians to publishers, each individual gives his best to deliver the quality you deserve.

How Nize Printing Works in Burbank

Let’s walk you through the process of printing at NIZE. First, we do a proper consultation about the designs you require. We discuss the material on which the print is about to be made. After getting a complete picture of what you want, we initiate the process. Depending on your requirements, we choose which paper best suits your design. We have bond paper, coated paper, card stock, newsprint, art paper, vinyl, and fabric.

After deciding on the material, it’s time to decide which ink is appropriate for the design. Here we have options like simple ink, dry powder which are used in laser printing and digital printing, and UV ink. Then comes the process of printing images from printing rollers/plates onto the material. Different methods are used for different types of printing. Some types of printing are offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, dye-sublimation, inject printing and UV printing.

Each printing mode has a different mechanism and equipment structure along with its advantages and disadvantages. The type of printing to be used is also decided at the time of consultation.

In offset printing, the digital files are used to create printing plates and these plates are made of aluminum. The images that have to be printed are chemically etched on them. Afterwards, the printing plates transfer ink to a rubber roller. This roller then transfers the ink to the printing surface, may it be paper, vinyl or fabric. Here, each color is applied separately in a specific order (CMYK or spot colours) to create the final image. Whereas, in digital printing, toner or liquid ink is applied directly to the printing surface using electrostatic charges or inkjet technology.

Once the image is transferred from the rollers onto the paper, then comes the finishing part. It includes cutting extra paper on the edges, folding, dying and lamination in some cases.

Nize Printing Burbank

When we are done with the printing and finishing process, we show the final product to the customers for their approval. Once the customer is satisfied and approves the prints, only then do we collect the payment. Moreover, if the customer is not satisfied or requires any changes, we make the necessary modifications and make it up to your expectations.

So if you are searching for a reliable and high-quality printing service near you, NIZE Printing is your go-to place in Burbank. If you live outside Burbank, you can visit our website and choose from a pool of products we have in our catalogue.

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