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Best Booklet & Catalogue Printing in Burbank

A booklet is a compilation of multiple pages. It can be a catalogue, annual business report, brochure etc. When it comes to marketing and advertising, booklets and catalogues are a popular option. They are handy, directly readable, and hang in the corner, giving you constant reminders. That’s why printed catalogues bring a significant return on investments.

 Booklet & Catalogue Printing

A Comprehensive Guide to Booklet & Catalogue Printing in Burbank

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of printing booklets so you can map out your ideal catalogue. A perfectly printed catalogue is as important as the quality of your products. After all, it’s the catalogue that attracts potential buyers and converts them into customers.

Expert Insights for Booklet Printing

Being a well-known booklet printing service in Burbank, NIZE Printing has acquired enough experience to give you expert insights on how to get your perfect booklet printed.

Expert Insights for Booklet Printing
  • Plan your content: First, decide the intent of your booklet and choose stock, size, and images accordingly.
  • Choose the right size: The size of your booklet should be according to the content. Choose A4 size for a more detailed booklet and A5 for short content.
  • High-Quality Images: Images play a key role in attracting and inspiring the reader. The images used must be of high quality and resonate with the purpose of your booklet.
  • Bleed and Margins: Bleed refers to the area beyond the edge of the page where the design extends to ensure there are no white edges after trimming. Margins are the safe areas where important content should be placed to avoid getting cut off during the printing and trimming process.
  • Paper Selection: Given the intent of your booklet, choose the paper (stock) that enhances the appeal and overall presentation.
  • Binding Options: There are many binding options to choose from: Saddle-Stitching (stapling along the spine of a booklet)
  • Perfect Binding (uses glue to attach the pages to a spine)
  • Spiral Binding (metal or plastic coil is threaded through holes punched along the edge of the pages)
  • Wire-O Binding (similar to spiral binding but uses a double-loop wire for a more polished look)
  • Test Printing: Before printing a batch, get a single print to ensure it’s quality is up to mark.
  • Print in Batches: Instead of getting the whole bundle printed out at once, try printing in smaller batches, maintaining the sequence.
  • Professional Printing Services: When you require and order booklets for professional purposes, it’s better to reach out to a printing service near you. They have advanced equipment and expertise to print perfect booklet.

Crafting Unique Catalogues for Your Business

Unique Catalogues for Your Business
  1. Know your audience: Gather demographic data (age, location, & income) and understand customer interests to design your catalogue according to customer needs.
  • Target the right market: Align design elements (images, colours, language, tone of voice) with customer preferences identified during market analysis.
  • Highlight your best sellers: Showcase top products with visuals, descriptions, and promotions.
  • Use high-quality print: Invest in your catalogue printing for a better visual appeal and perception of your brand.
  1. Right distribution strategy: Plan timing, locations, and channels to distribute your catalogue so it yields maximum outreach.

Showcasing Your Business with Catalogue Printing in Burbank

Printed catalogues are a classic and noble way to promote your brand or company. It is rare and, therefore; more valuable. Catalogues are a perfect way to display all your products in the simplest way.

To get more customers, your catalogue must be attractive, informative and easily readable. In Burbank, it is important to choose a catalogue printing company wisely. Ensure the printing service has a good reputation and a proven track record of quality printing.

Custom Booklets & Catalogue Printing in Burbank

If you are searching for “the best booklet and catalogue printing services near me”, NIZE Printing is your go-to place. You can visit our website and select the designs that suit your needs or you can contact us for custom booklet printing.

Custom Booklets & Catalogue Printing in Burbank

You can choose between luxury (matt & gloss) and simple print. We have different stock papers, up to 250 gsm. 250 is the ideal stock for high-quality catalogue printing. Regarding size, A4 and A5 are the most commonly used. You can choose the size that fits the purpose of your catalogue. Moreover, you can decide whether you want single-sided prints or double-sided prints (duplex printing).


If you are ready to yield the benefits of printed advertising, look no further than NIZE Printing, a one-stop booklet printing company that offers custom and cheap booklet printing options. You can get custom catalogues printed online that meet both; your budget and your expectations.

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What material is used to print the booklet?

To print a booklet, you can choose from a variety of materials like coated and uncoated paper, cardstock, speciality paper, fabric, foil paper, laminations and coatings.

What size paper is used for booklet printing

Commonly, A4 and A5 paper are used for booklet prints. However, you can also choose paper of other dimensions for your custom booklet prints.

How to print booklet in PDF
  • Open the PDF document you want to print as a booklet.
  • Go to the “File” menu and select “Print” or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+P on Windows, Command+P on Mac)
  • Select the printer you want to use.
  • In the print dialogue, look for the “Page Scaling/Sizing” option > Choose “Booklet Printing”. This setting will automatically adjust the pages for booklet printing.
  • Make sure to select the correct orientation (landscape or portrait).
  • If available, select the automatic duplex option to print on both sides of the paper.
How to print booklets in Word
  • Open the Word file and go to the “Page Layout” tab.
  • Set the page orientation to “Landscape”.
  • Under the “Size” option, adjust the paper size to either half-letter or A5.
  • Organize your content into booklet format
  • Arrange your content so that the pages will print in the correct order when folded. Typically, the page order should be 8, 1, 2, 7, 6, 3, 4, 5.
  • Go to “File” and select “Print.”
  • In the print dialogue, click “Settings” > “Booklet Printing” > “Print”.
How much does it cost to print a catalogue?

The cost of a printed catalogue depends on the paper used, the size of the catalogue, inks and dyes, coating and lamination, turnaround time and the number of papers in your catalogue. Moreover, different printing service companies have different printing rates.

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