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Custom Stickers Printing in Burbank

Stickers are tools to add fun and information to your products. They can be used as an advertising medium on the product packages or an artistic way to decorate your possessions. You can also use stickers in your journal.

Custom Stickers

Given the vast use of stickers, they come in vast materials and qualities as well. Choosing the right sticker depends on where you want to use it and for what purpose. In this article, you will find all the information regarding sticker materials, printing methods and how you can decide which sticker suits your needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Sticker Printing Services in Burbank

When it comes to printing stickers, not just any printer can be used. Stickers with thicker paper require a sticker printer machine that is compatible with its material and shape. Moreover, there are various printing methods. The cost of a printed sticker depends on the printing and cutting method used. Before bulk sticker printing, take a look at the material and types of printing.

Printing Methods

  • Screen printing uses a screen to transfer ink on the sticker’s surface
  • Digital painting uses a digital file to print images on stickers directly.
  • Offset printing is a popular method for large-scale sticker production which involves transferring ink from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the sticker material.
  • Flexographic printing involves transferring ink on stickers through flexible plates.

Sticker Designs

Design is the most important component in sticker printing. If you want a custom sticker, you need to hire a designer for this job. Doing it yourself won’t be a good idea. A designer has an eye for intricate designs, colour themes, and fine details of sticker design. The design also includes the finishing, texture and lamination of your custom stickers.

Sticker Paper

Paper: A simple, plain paper used for sticker printing.

Vinyl: A thicker, more durable paper, usually having a shiny surface.

There is an option for gloss or matt surface finishing for both, the paper and the vinyl stickers. Also, you can add lamination on both types. Lamination makes the sticker look premium while adding a protective layer to it.


Permanent adhesives: Once applied to the sticker, do not let the sticker come off the surface without causing damage.

Removable adhesives: Allows the sticker to come off the surface easily without causing damage.

Repositionable adhesives: These adhesives allow you to remove and repasted your sticker multiple times.

Cutting techniques

Die-cut: The peel-off backing is cut into the same shape as the sticker design.

Kiss-cut: Only the sticker part is cut into shape but the peel-off backing remains uncut. Many custom-shaped stickers can be pasted on a single vinyl sheet.

Stickers Printing Service for Your Needs in Burbank

How Printing Services Can Transform Your Brand

Stickers are not only used as fun, but they are also a great promotional strategy. Companies use label stickers on their products that contain their logo and usage directions. Not only for labelling, stickers can also be used to attract customers.  A product with a catchy, unique and creative sticker will always stand out of the crowd. Stickers are a cost-effective tool for marketing that significantly helps boost your business.

Choosing the Right Stickers Printing Service for Your Needs in Burbank

Knowing the importance of stickers as a marketing strategy, a business would want to implement them for its promotion. If you are one such business in Burbank, choose your sticker printing company vigilantly. The company must have a good reputation and positive feedback from the customers. NIZE Printing is one of the best sticker printing services in Burbank where you can get ready design and custom sticker printing at economical rates.

Custom Stickers Printing in Burbank

At NIZE Printing, you can get custom-printed vinyl and paper stickers. We have state-of-the-art sticker printing machines with talented professionals who can turn your ideas into creative vinyl stickers. You can also get customized bumper stickers at cheap rates without compromising the quality. We allow our customers to have full control over cost and quality. You can choose a less expensive sticker printing method with a budget-friendly material to save costs. Whether you are looking for a photo sticker printer or a thermal sticker printer, we have solutions for all your needs.

Custom Stickers Printing in Burbank


If you are looking for a trusted sticker printing company near you, look no further than NIZE Printing. A reputable name in the printing industry with a customer base in and outside Burbank. You can visit our website to order printed stickers online or get your custom designs with the help of our creative and talented professionals. We provide same-day sticker printing on a budget that is in everyone’s range.


What material is used for printing stickers?

There are two types of materials on which stickers are printed, vinyl and paper. Vinyl is a thick material with a shiny surface. Whereas, paper stickers are printed on simple, thin paper. 

What is a vinyl sticker?

A vinyl sticker is printed on a special paper that is more durable and of high quality. It has a glossy surface and it is used for important labeling and branding. It comes as a white sheet or a clear sticker material.

What is a bumper sticker?

A bumper sticker is an adhesive label or sticker that is pasted on the bumper of an automobile and to be read by occupants of other vehicles. Mostly they are about 30*8 cm and often made of PVC.

What is the process of sticker printing?

The process of sticker printing starts with designing the print of the sticker. Then this print is converted into a format that is compatible with the sticker printer machine. Once the prepress is done, the material and printing method is decided. Afterwards, ink and toner are used to apply the chosen printing method. Once the design is printed on the material, it is cut into a proper shape and then laminated to add a protective layer with an appealing look.

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