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Adding Novelty to Your Marketing with Postcard Printing in Burbank

Burbank, the center of glitz and glamour, quietly plays its role as a hub for creativity and innovation. In the heart of this vibrant city, is one such gem that’s been helping businesses and individuals make their mark for decades – NIZE Printing. Just like this city’s culture, our print postcards demonstrate a fusion of tradition and modernity.

Although digital marketing has taken over the world today, it cannot steal the charm of printed postcards. A well-crafted postcard, customized to the receiver’s taste can captivate hearts and grab attention more efficiently. NIZE Printing is a well-renowned name when it comes to postcard printing in Burbank. 


Quality Printing Services in Burbank 

One of the hallmarks of our postcard printing services is the use of cutting-edge technology. We use advanced machinery with state-of-the-art digital presses. With the integration of these facilities, we are able to produce postcard prints that not only grab attention but also leave a lasting impression on the receiver. 

We use high-quality inks and dyes to print a postcard that can reproduce colours with astonishing accuracy and detail. Whether you need vibrant marketing materials or high-resolution reproductions of artwork, these machines deliver the quality that exceeds your expectations.

Designing Eye-Catching Postcards 

Printing postcards is an art form, that requires creativity, technical skills and a knack for innovation. At NIZE Printing, we have honed our printing skills over the years, transforming simple designs and ideas into tangible works of art. 

To make our postcards eye-catching, we use compelling visuals according to the event and its purpose. It could be a stunning photograph, an illustration, or some unique artwork. The image is always relevant to the postcard’s purpose. These high-resolution images give your postcard a vibrant look.

Custom Postcard Printing

Cost-Effective Printing Solutions in Burbank 

When looking for budget-friendly postcard printing services in Burbank, you can count on NIZE Printing. It is a one-stop solution for all your postcard printing needs that gives you a variety of customization options. You can be in charge of how your postcard print turns out. 

You have a pool of postcard designs to choose from. Along with the quantity, we make sure to deliver the best quality that is second to none. All these perks without making the prices go sky high. NIZE Printing services are within everyone’s reach and there has never been a complaint regarding our postcards quality.

Turnaround Time and Delivery Services 

Having the best postcard quality isn’t enough. Customers need quality on time and we are here to provide just that. We understand how important the timing is when it comes to postcard delivery. Your businesses, events, and meetings depend on timely delivery. A delay can do much harm. 

We get your postcards ready quickly and make sure reach their destination on time. Our postcard delivery service is quick and smooth and rids you with the hassle of delivering your message across the globe.

Why Choose Burbank for Postcard Printing 

Among all the printing services in Burbank, California, what makes NIZE stand out? It the honesty, integrity and quality that make us who we are. We believe in human connection above all, therefore; we make sure to develop trusting and good relations with our customers. 

Types of Postcard Prints

Having a printed postcard that is tangible and directly readable will make people remember you more. In this digital age, sending postcards is a novelty and not many people use it. Therefore; there is little knowledge about the different types of postcard prints.

  1. Foils postcards
  2. Metallic postcards
  3. Die cut postcards
  4. Velvet Postcards
  5. Spot UV Postcards
  6. Silk Postcards
  7. Folded Postcards

Customization Options 

We offer a variety of customizable options. You can choose the paper, size, thickness, and edges that will make your postcard an unforgettable memory for the recipient. At NIZE Printing, you get a chance to showcase your creativity and innovation. 

Our team of professionals works closely on your ideas and thoughts and brings your exact vision printed on paper. All you have to do is communicate your vision, and we materialize your thoughts with perfection. 

Postcard Printing in Burbank

Printing Techniques 

With the advent of technology and the demand for quality, there are several techniques used to print postcards. 

Offset Lithography:  Uses hard materials like wood, fabric or leather. Also described as litho.

Flexographic: It is widely used for printing rough shapes. Sometimes it uses elastic photocurable printing sheets that are wrapped across rotating tubes.

Digital Printing: It uses inkjet ink and laser engraving. PDFs are sent to the printer immediately. It saves time and resources especially when printing in large volume.

Large Print:  High-resolution printing, as the name implies, operates to achieve full print rolling size.


Postcards are an effective tool for advertising and promotions. They are handy and directly readable, unlike emails, most of which go straight to spam. Especially if you add a time-sensitive offer, you are bound to get an immediate response. 

If you are looking for a reliable company to print your postcards, you can search postcard printing near me in Burbank and you’ll see NIZE Printing in top results. You can choose from a variety of postcards available on our website. Also, there is an option for customized postcard printing. So visit our website today and give a novel touch to your marketing and invitations.


Where can I find professional postcard printing services in Burbank?

NIZE Printing is a prominent printing company in Burbank, known for its quality postcards and it also offers cheap postcard printing that is within everyone’s budget.

How can I choose the right design and layout for my postcards in Burbank?

When opting for custom postcard printing, keep in mind the purpose of your postcard, know your audience preferences, be precise and don’t clutter it with text, use high-resolution images that align with your brand identity or the purpose of your postcard, and choose the paper quality that is fighting your postcard design and message.

What is the cost of postcard printing in Burbank?

The cost of postcard printing depends on the quality of paper, ink, printing technique and the type of postcard that you wish to get printed. However, at NIZE Printing, you can get a customized postcard at a comparatively lower price that is totally budget-friendly.

How long does it usually take to print a postcard?

The turnaround time depends on each company. However, most companies provide same-day postcard printing. Moreover, it is advised to be ahead of time so that you deliver your message to the recipient in due time.

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