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Bringing Ideas to Life with Decal & Magnetic Printing

Burbank, a city known for its vibrancy and creative community, is referred to as the media capital of the world. If you’re a business owner or a creative member of this community, searching for a way to bring innovative ideas to life, decal and magnet printing is just the right option for you.

Printed decals can be used on a variety of surfaces, showcasing your inner artist who loves colors and designs everywhere. However, printed magnets can only attach to a metal surface. A refrigerator is the perfect place in your home where you can display your creativity.

The Ultimate Guide to Decal and Magnetic Printing in Burbank

Printing magnets looks like quite a complicated task. What if it’s as simple as printing a paper? Yes, you can get your magnetic prints just like you get a simple paper printed. Below, you’ll find all the information you need for printing magnets and decals:

Decal and Magnetic Printing Solutions in Burbank

In Burbank, small and big businesses partner up with reputable printing service providers for decal and magnet printing. One such reliable company is NIZE Printing. Having extensive experience in the field and dedicated professionals, NIZE is the answer to all your printing queries; especially magnetic printing and decal printing.

Transforming Ideas into Magnetic Designs

Magnetic prints and decals are the perfect way to give an artistic touch to your facility. It’s an outlet for your creativity and imagination. Although you can print magnetic photos if you have a magnetic ink printer. But it is better to partner with a printing service for higher quality and smoother process. A printing company has advanced equipment, modern technology and expertise to get this job done perfectly.

Designing with Impact: Decal and Magnet Printing Services

If you are planning to get printed decals or magnets for your home or workspace, NIZE is all you need. We have a plethora of designs you can choose from. Whether you need fun, colourful or simple, decent magnet photo prints, we have something for everyone. Our talented designers showcase their expertise on a blank canvas, which becomes the embellishment of your home and office.

Custom Decal & Magnetic printing in Burbank

At NIZE Printing, you have complete control over the final product you get. You can choose between different materials. For custom decal printing, the commonly used material is the Clear inkjet water slide decal paper. However, you also opt for cost-effective options like rub-on decal paper and sticker materials. For custom magnet printing, you have material options like a magnetic sheet, magnet-receptive paper, adhesive-backed paper, and laminated paper. Additionally, you can choose between an inkjet printer or a laser printer for decals and magnet printing.


How to print decals?

To print decals, the first stage is designing or downloading images. Then select the decal paper or vinyl to get the print on it. Before getting the printout, check the printer compatibility with your chosen material. The vinyl decal printer is compatible with vinyl paper. When the printing is done, choose an adhesive material for pasting your decals to the desired surface.

How to print waterslide decals?

A waterslide paper is used to print water transfer decals. Print the design on the shiny side of the paper. After printing, let it dry for 5 minutes. Now spray the print with a sealer spray. Make three coats with 10 10-minute gaps between each spray layer. Leave the print for an hour to dry. The spray coating gives your printed decal a nice glossy surface that’s more enduring and long-lasting. Finally, put your print in a decal printing Cricut machine for fine cutting.

How to print on magnet sheets?

Magnetic prints are printed on magnet sheets. These sheets are thicker than the usual printing paper. Therefore, ensure your printer is compatible with magnetic sheets. Download the image that has to be printed, insert the sheet in the magnetic printer and hit the print button.


If you are ready to bring your creative ideas to life, visit NIZE Printing, the best decal and magnet printer company in Burbank. You can choose from a variety of ready-to-deliver templates and designs on our website or avail of our custom magnet and decal printing services near you.

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