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Brochure and Flyers Printing in Burbank

You might be wondering whether printed flyers and brochures even work anymore. The answer is Yes, prints still work! However, you need to do it properly. Now that everyone has moved to digital advertising, the mailboxes of homeowners have actually become a lot less cluttered, making it a less competitive option to win clients.


The Ultimate Guide to Brochure and Flyer Printing Services

There are four things that every single flyer and brochure print needs to be a success. If you miss one of these things in your print, you risk having a huge money burn and you need an ROI on your flyer. We’ve done it good and we’ve done it bad, and we know what not to do. 

  1. Design: Your flyer needs to captivate the audience and show that it’s worth reading. To make it stand out from the junk mail in the mailbox, make sure it’s large enough to captivate attention. If you are just starting, don’t design it yourself. Hire a professional who has an eye for colors, visuals, and layouts.
  • Promotion: Your print flyer has to have a specific promotion that gives a call to action. Add a time-sensitive offer to engage readers. It needs to be attractive; like adding a free item or mentioning the actual cost of the discount instead of a percentage.
  • Timing: Timing is everything. No matter how attractive your flyer is, if it’s sent at the wrong time, it’s useless. For example, you don’t want to send gardening service flyers in winter when it’s snow everywhere. Also, don’t be too late that other companies already get your spot.
  • List of receivers: It’s important to note who you’re sending your brochure prints to. If you send a car repair service brochure to a person who doesn’t own a car, you’ve wasted your money. Therefore, always go for targeted distribution and do proper research on your receiver’s demographics and interests.

Knowing different types of brochures and flyer printing will help you convey the right message to the right audience.

Types of Brochure

  • Informational brochures (used to provide information about the company’s products and services)
  • Mailer brochures (useful for getting leads)
  • Sales brochures (attempts to sell a specific product)
  • Welcome brochures (a great addition to a welcome kit)

Types of Flyers

  • Handbills (have little text on it)
  • Posters (have images, infographics and company information)
  • Pamphlets (have brand awareness in detail, used for mass distribution)

Fly High with Impact: Brochure and Flyers Printing Solutions in Burbank

Businesses use print mailing to generate leads and spread brand awareness. Print brochures and flyers are as important for a company as its products.

Although there are cheap flyer printing options available, it is suggested to invest as much in your print advertising as you do in your products. The quality of your business brochure prints represents the quality of your brand. And foremost, your flyer needs to stand out to even be read.

So it’s important to put in the effort and the money to get the best results. If done correctly, business flyer printing brings huge ROI that not only covers the cost spent on printing but also makes massive profits.

Elevate Your Brand with Burbank’s Best Printing Services

When looking for a reliable flyer and brochure printing service in Burbank, NIZE Printing is your go-to printing company that not only prints but also designs custom-printed flyers for your business. We have state-of-the-art equipment for seamless printing and qualified professionals who are masters of their craft. Moreover, our plans are budget-friendly without compromising the printing quality.

Burbank's Best Printing Services

The Art of Design in Brochure and Flyer Printing

Our certified designers have extensive experience creating beautiful and eye-catching brochures that captivate and convert the reader. They know how to make the important details prominent enough that it gets hard to ignore your brochure or flyer. With the right colour scheme and accurate placement of text, what can’t be accomplished?

Custom Brochure and Flyers Printing in Burbank

You get to choose how the final product turns out to be. Our designers collaborate with you to give tangible shape to your creative ideas. You choose the size, the material and the ink quality to have maximum control over cost and quality.

  • Brochure Shapes: Half fold, Tri-fold, Z fold, 4-panel accordion fold, Panel Gatefold, Double gatefold, Double parallel fold, and Roll fold.
Custom Brochure and Flyers
  • Paper Quality: 90 gsm (magazines), 130-170 gsm (posters), 170-300 gsm (brochures), Spot UV (used to highlight content), gloss prints, and matt prints.
  • Print Types: Single-sided (text on one side of the page) and Double-sided (text on both sides of the page).


The flyer space has become more of a luxury. If you’re ready to give a noble touch to your marketing, NIZE Printing is your trusted partner with a wide customer base in and outside Burbank. Whether you want to get same-day brochure printing or timely flyer distribution, we’ve got you covered. So visit NIZE Printing and get your custom flyers and brochures TODAY!


How to print a trifold brochure?

On the design software, design your brochure template with three columns. Divide the content within these columns. Then print it and fold it along the margins you set while designing.

Where to print flyers & brochures?

In Burbank, you can search flyer/brochure printing near me and you’ll see NIZE Printing in the top results. You can visit our website, get in touch with our experts and order your custom print flyers & brochures online.

What is a standard brochure size?

A4 booklet size is commonly used for printing brochures. However, there are other standard sizes as well, depending on your content, such as 8.5” by 11”, 8.5” by 14”, 5.5” by 8.5”, 9” by 12”, 11” by 17”, and 11” by 25.5”.

What is the difference between a flyer and a brochure?

A flyer is used for hand-out purposes whereas, a brochure is a detailed advertising/marketing of your products, services or company. Flyers are small because they have less content and brochures and bigger, usually half-fold or trifold, to convey maximum information to the readers.

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