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Magnetic Calendars

3" x 4"
4" x 6"
4" x 8"
17 pt. Magnet High Gloss (UV)
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Elevate your brand with Personalized Magnet Calendars

Utilizing magnetic calendars is an effective way to establish a brand presence in homes and workplaces for a minimum of a year. Free calendars are always appreciated and sought after, whether as promotional items or gifts for valued customers. The convenience of magnetic calendars cannot be overlooked, as they can effortlessly attach to refrigerators, filing cabinets, and lockers for convenient access. By distributing these unique marketing tools, businesses can gain valuable brand impressions every time someone consults their calendar.

Introducing our exclusive magnetic calendars, available in 2” x 3.5” – the same dimensions as a standard business card. Perfect for those seeking unique and impactful alternatives to traditional business cards. Our custom calendars can also be produced in sizes as large as 4” x 8”. With durable magnetic stock, you can rest assured that your brand and contact information will remain secure for over a year. Say goodbye to flimsy cards and hello to long-lasting impressions with our magnetic calendars.

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Magnetic Calendars
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